Pravidla hry

Mandatory equipment / safety features

Round with functional brakes (full suspension or rigid)

Obligatory protectors: Helmet (recommended integral with the fixed face guard), knee pads and gloves Gloves.

Competitors over 18 years old are required to carry only integral helmet and gloves Gloves. Other pads are recommended. Under 18 years old are required to wear extra spine protector.

Recommended equipment: spine protector, elbow and shin

If you do not have the training or race racer aforementioned pads mounted on the body will be warned and when disobeying the race organizers disqualified without refund

Competition rules

Each competitor starts at his own risk. Confirms that submitting a signed application. In exchange for her it will be at the presentation (11:30) handed starting number, which must be mounted on the handlebars.

Competitors younger than 18 years old must have them sign the application form and legal representative attributable contact.

Qualifiers will be held one round - the interval between riders is 30 seconds.

Progresses to the final 40 fastest drivers - the interval between riders is 30 seconds

Superfinal to proceed 20 fastest riders from the finals - the interval between riders is 30 seconds.

Superfinal will be held from the slowest to the fastest rider (ie from the 20th rider in the order of the finals)

In the case of emotion among the riders has a slower competitor for obliged to be overtaken by a faster rider, in case of disobeying this rule will be disqualified slower

After repeated disobedience of the event organizers, the competitor concerned may be disqualified without any compensation

All riders must attend the riders meeting (12:10 Start), which will take place after issuance of starting numbers (from 11:30)

The organizers reserve the possibility to modify rules


Fee will be paid on the spot!

Entry fee:

1) Online registration - CZK 550 Kč / 22 euro (with T-shirts)

2) Registration on the spot CZK 550 Kč / 22 euro (without T-shirts)

Kamikaze race with no entry fee! Start on Sunday at 12:00

Who would want to spend the night (price CZK 400), email us: