22. - 23. April 2017 

Mining town and gateway to the Ore Mountains calling to the alarm and convened the second time in its history Czech top riders at the opening race of CZECH DOWTOWN TOUR 2017 (
As is evident from the title, we face a number of major changes from the year 2016 -
One of the main changes is the change of the general partner. This became the Mercedes-Benz  S. & W. Automobily, Karlovy Vary. Another big change that will be appreciated not only the athletes but also the public, is to change the track. Move to the opposite slopes of the valley and the town of Jáchymov. The track will be almost twice as long than last year and the whole concept of the track will be a bit special. The first third of the route will be the DH - the terrain, then the rest is already a classic DT - ie downtown on asphalt. Another big change is especially attractive visitors to the event. There may be a race to also participate and that by logging into the contest in which they can guess time winner of the race. Winner, thus the closest estimated time will be awarded interesting prizes. On Saturday 22. 4. 2017 shares will start at 12:00 from Šlikovka. Very steep slopes racers will start in the central part of Jachymov, situated where the main aim race. During the day you can enjoy the Whip contest. After the announcement of the results of the action moves to the nearby Karlovy Vary, where we can look forward to a good Afterparty!On Sunday 23. 4. 2017 to meet the peaks of the Ore Mountains over God's gift. Why? Because we await us crazy Kamikaze Race - mass downhill race. Mass start, a lot of riders, tons of snow, more mud, and after 3 km exit target Jáchymova at Spa. For this one you wanna be.

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